The creative industries, like every other area of life, are subject to planetary boundaries – the identified levels of anthropogenic perturbations below which the risk of destabilization of the earth system is likely to remain low: a “safe operating space” for global societal development [Lokrantz/Azote based on Steffen et al. 2015].

Since the end of the 1980s, the cultural and creative industries have developed into one of the most dynamic branches of the world economy. They therefore also have a decisive impact on the environment. At the same time, however, the creative industries often represent the beginning of large value chains and thus have enormous potential to change industries in a way to have a lesser or even positive impact on the environment.

The Class of 2020 has been asked in the seminar ‘Ecosystems & Economics’ to work out the interdependencies between different areas of environmental problems and characteristics of specific creative industries. Equipped with background knowledge in environmental science the Class of 2020 contributed to a new perspective on the connection between nature and culture. The results shown below reveal unconsidered links and conclusions in this highly dynamic and important field. (Oliver Peters, M.Sc.)

Overview of already investigated links (+)