Planetary Boundaries Report Land System Change X Music by Katie Christie

‘Land systems establish the physical state of the world as we know it, and are developed by any and all processes which require the human use of land. These systems include: socioeconomic systems

  • technological systems
  • organizational investments or arrangements
  • profiting or surviving from the land
  • social activities and systems

(Verburg et al., 2013).

Because land systems are inherently intertwined with human life, even the slightest changes or developments can have massive impacts on human quality of life, local environment, and become amplified to a point of global environmental change. The land, and land systems we have developed over millennia, provide us with basic resources such as food and fuel, which have allowed us to create systems of cultural development and exchange, including the music industry. With the commodification of land and its resources, land system changes operate under the control of humans on many different scales, from home owners, through to international trading agreements and sustainability goals.

‘land system change is both a cause and consequence of socio-ecological processes’ (Crossman et al., 2013)’