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The film industry, like many others, has a substantial impact on climate change due to its energy-intensive processes, travel requirements, and resource consumption. However, there have been significant improvements in the industry towards adopting more sustainable practices.

Organizations such as the Entertainment Media Association (EMA) are committed to recognizing and awarding films that implement environmentally friendly practices. Movies like “Avatar” and “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” have received an award for their efforts to reduce their environmental footprint or implement sustainable practices on set.

While these positive changes are happening, the industry still needs more support and commitment. Listen to our episode to find more about this topic.

“…At the end, any change in the industry relies on the studios and producers”

Meet The Speakers

Valeria Vizcarra

M.A Sustainability in Fashion and Creative Industries at AMD Akademie

Sebastian Iglesias

M.A Filmaking at London Film Academy